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  • Professional lock rekeying services for homes and businesses.

    Residential lock that was just rekeyed by Cheap Lock & Key in Tampa, FL.

    For security reasons, new owners often completely replace all of the locks at their recently purchased home or business. While this accomplishes the purpose, rekeying is usually more economical. Many people are not aware that locks can be rekeyed. This may be a better option than replacing every lock on the property.

    Rekeying is a process whereby our locksmith adjusts the internal mechanism inside the lock so that a different key will now be required to unlock your door. The existing door locks remain but your old keys will no longer function. Rekeying your new home or business is a more cost-effective option than replacing all the locks. We will retain the body of the original lock and simply adjust its internal key pins. Only a well trained and professional locksmith should be trusted to perform a lock rekeying service for your home or business. we offer expert lock rekeying services for homes or businesses.

    The top reasons you should rekey your home or business.

    we rekeys residential and commercial properties for many different reasons. Your property should be rekeyed because:

    • You have purchased a new home or business. In this situation, previous owners, their friends, family or prior employees no longer need to have access. Rekeying is the best way to ensure that your new property is secure.
    • Your roommate has moved out. For obvious reasons, it’s time to rekey.
    • You have terminated an employee who carried your business's key(s). Keys are often very easy to duplicate. Even if the employee has returned your original key, he or she may still be able to gain entry into your business using a duplicate. These days, allowing a potentially disgruntled employee access to your business isn't wise. Rekeying the locks is a simple solution and is important to ensure security.
    • It may be more convenient when all the locks in your home or business use the same key. we can rekey the locks so that only 1 key is needed to operate all the locks on your property.
    • After a renter moves out, rekeying the locks in your home or business will enhance security. By rekeying, previous renters (or anyone they have given a key to) will no longer be able to access the property.
    • Your keys have been lost, stolen or not returned. Rekeying your locks is a necessity in this situation.

    Cheap Lock & Key rekeying a commercial lock in Wesley Chapel, FL.

    call us today, We will dispatch an experienced locksmith to rekey any or all of the locks located at your home or business, as you desire.

    The top 5 reasons that homes and business need door lock repair service.

    1. Misaligned Latch. If the door latch is not operating smoothly, the latch bolt and the strike plate may be misaligned. This can be repaired by performing a latch adjustment. Alternatively, the entire door may need to be repositioned. Only a professional locksmith can determine how a misaligned latch should be repaired.
    2. Loose Doorknobs. Over time, doorknobs can loosen. The type of lockset present on your doors will determine the method we use to secure the doorknob.
    3. Your door lock has "seized up". "Seizing up" indicates an inability to turn the key once it has been inserted. This can be caused by dirt or debris which has collected inside your lock. Our locksmiths will clean the locking mechanism and insure proper lubrication so that your lock will function again.
    4. Stuck deadbolt. This is usually caused by a misalignment between the deadbolt and throat as well as the strike plate. We will realign these or reposition the door, if needed, so that the deadbolt will work properly.
    5. The key has broken off inside the lock. When a key is broken and stuck in the cylinder of your lock, there is no way of using the lock to enter your home or business. we will send a locksmith to your location and retrieve the key segment from the cylinder. We can then create a new key for you right at your location!

    Cheap Lock & Key repairing a deadbolt lock in Brandon, FL.

    Regardless of the lock repair that is needed, our locksmiths can complete the job, call us an will have a locksmith on their way to you in no time.

    We'll help you choose the correct locks and deadbolts for your home or business.

    Buying a new lock for your home or business requires careful consideration. Consulting with our professional locksmiths will ensure you obtain aesthetically appealing locks that also fit your existing doors. We only sell the best locks. These include grade 1 locks and deadbolts used for exterior doors on homes and businesses. ANSI, American National Standards Institute, determines the grade given to a lock. Deadbolts that are grade 1 can withstand 250,000 cycles and 10 strikes against the door. The doorknob lock on a grade 1 device can withstand 800,000 cycles with six strikes against the door. It is also weight tested at 360 lbs. Grade 1 locks have gone through a series of tests to ensure a longer lifespan. Grade 1 locks are more resistant to intruders and are the strongest locks manufactured.

    We prefer two types of locks for use on exterior doors. These include deadbolts and latch bolts. Deadbolt locks are commonly used. These are locked or unlocked using a key or a manual thumb-turn. Latch bolts are spring loaded locks that are continuously extended. Once the doorknob, handle or lever is engaged, the latch bolt will unlock.

    New home lock/deadbolt replacement by Cheap Lock & Key in Tampa, %%state.

    Replacing or installing your new locks.

    Regardless of what locks you choose, we will ensure that the locks are installed correctly. Proper installation is as important as choosing the right lock. Some doors come with holes that are already drilled and ready for the locks to be installed. Others require our locksmith to drill new holes for subsequent lock installation. Our expert locksmiths are able to install your new door locks and deadbolts. We will make sure that there is no damage done to either lock or door. Many factors come into play when installing a new lock. Typically the new lock can be installed within 30 minutes.

    professional locksmiths can help you choose the right lock for your home or business. 

    Electronic Lock & Keyless Deadbolt Service

    We take security seriously, as should anyone with a home or business to protect. Standard metal keys are a thing of the past. Today, electronic locks & keyless deadbolts are becoming more popular. While the function and operation of conventional locks are relatively simple (insert the key and open door), the complexity lies in the internal mechanics of these locks. In today's internet and smartphone age, flimsy keys can be replaced with more modern and advanced security systems.

    Electronic Locks - Replacing the standard lock.

    Electronic locks are commonly used as the standard replacement for conventional locks. However, there are both advantages as well as vulnerabilities. The mechanics behind a basic electronic lock is pretty simple: buttons are pushed on a keypad thereby entering a code (instead of inserting a key). Since the electronic lock still uses a mechanical key cylinder, such a basic electronic lock doesn’t really offer additional security over that obtained by inserting a key into a conventional lock.

    Today, there are some excellent high-tech electronic locks that can operate wirelessly, and with or without a keypad. The newer ones even use Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. We offer a variety of newer model locks in stock for both commercial and residential use in order to keep your property safe.

    Keyless Deadbolts - Superior security to traditional deadbolts.

    Standard deadbolt locks have been around for quite some time. Given today's technological innovation surrounding home security, more advanced options now exist, including keyless deadbolts. These keyless entry systems are superior in many ways to the traditional mechanical deadbolt lock.

    Here are just a few of the advantages that come with the security and convenience of keyless deadbolts:

    1. No more lost keys! With a keyless deadbolt security lock, you no longer need to fear losing or misplacing your keys.
    2. Save money. You will no longer need to spend money on having your locks replaced or rekeyed after losing your keys.
    3. Ease of access by use of touchscreen or keypad to enter your secret PIN. This is especially convenient for special needs or elderly individuals who might otherwise struggle with using keys to access their home.
    4. More access control. With a keyless deadbolt lock, you can now easily share your code (or even assign a temporary one) with those you wish to enable access. These temporary codes will expire after the time you specify elapses. No more hiding a key under the doormat!
    5. Easily change the password anytime you want.

    New electronic lock with keyless deadbolt installed in Tampa, FL.

    We pride ourselves on staying up-to-date on the latest and most advanced security options. We are dedicated to keeping your assets conveniently secure. Speak with one of our expert locksmiths to find out more about the latest in residential or commercial security solutions, including electronic locks and keyless deadbolts.

    Understanding High-Security Locks & Card Access Solutions

    Let’s face it. Security is pretty important in today’s world, especially if we're talking about our city. Whether you're looking to secure a bank vault or your front door, a whole lot goes into the design and installation process of any high-security system. So how do you know what’s right for you? Let’s break it down.

    What Can An Electronic Access Control System Do For Me?

    Great question! First, it’s important to understand how an Electronic Access Control System (EACS) actually works. Unlike a traditional mechanical lock system which comes with a whole slew of weaknesses- which we won’t get into here, EACS is a security solution we can provide that gives you full control over the physical security of your business. You can restrict access based on a variety of guidelines and limitations, like who, what, where, and when. Most EACS offer an audit trail or detailed report for every time the door is accessed or denied, and by whom. This allows for greater accountability and security so that if an incident occurs, you have an accurate account of the who, what, and when. You can even delete or assign credentials, making this EACS perfect for larger offices and companies with many employees.

    High security lock installed at data center in Tampa, FL.

    Time for Installation!

    Our EACS's have a broad range of customizable and integratable hardware when it comes time to install. Hardware comes in many styles and colors to match your office or home décor. You can get a standalone lock for one or more locks to be programmed, or fully integrated wireless for the programming of every lock in a facility or residential property.

    What Are My Options?

    Electronic Access Control Systems are high-security locks that come with a great variety of security options.

    • Keypad Access: Requires users to have a designated PIN for access.
    • Magnetic Strip Cards: These require an access card to be swiped through a reader, similar to a credit card.
    • Prox Readers: Allow users to wave a specified credential (such as a card) in front of the lock-mounted reader.
    • Biometrics: You’ve probably seen these in action-packed films. They require a programmed template based on fingerprints, retinal scans, or other biometrics. Super secure, and pretty neat too!

    You can even use a combination of these and also allow credentials to be valid at multiple locations. Now that you know a little bit more about your options, let Locksmith  make a seamless installation of the best security for you or your business. We are specialists in card access and high-security locks. give us a call to discuss your security needs.

    We setup master key systems.

    Master key systems are beneficial for both residential and commercial security, but what exactly is a master key system, and how can it keep your family or business safe?

    In a nutshell, a master key system works like most key systems, with the exception that it allows for varying levels of access to each lock. For example, a landlord might use a master key that allows easy access to every apartment in his or her building, or you might have us install the system for a business that requires restricted access for its employees. Whatever your use case, there are many types of keys used in a master key system to become familiar with. Let’s take a look.

    • Change Key: Also known as a sub-master key, the Change Key is the lowest level of the master key system and can only operate one lock.
    • Master Key: This is probably what your landlord or “super” has. It’s a key that opens many locks, each of which has its own key.
    • Grand Master Key: This key is designed to fit several master key system locks.
    • Great Grand Master Key: This key is at the top of the key-system chain. It allows for the greatest access and will open all subsequent key systems under it, like the ones already mentioned in this article.

    Now that we have the variety of key types out of the way, it’s also important to understand how they all work in the master key system. This system works most often with pin tumbler locks, which include a driver pin and a key pin. When the appropriate key is inserted in the lock, the pins are lifted up.

    Locksmith keying a master key system in Tampa, FL.

    What are the benefits of a master key system?

    Now that you have a basic understanding of what a master key system is and how it works, it’s time to dive into the benefits of using it. These complicated security systems are incredibly powerful because they provide some convenient perks, such as restricted access, no more heavy key rings jangling in your pocket, and one-key that can do it all. Whether you’re a business looking to have full control over your employee’s level of access or simply a homeowner with a padlocked key to your house, we are the leading expert in the installation of this widely popular and convenient security solution.call us to set up a master key system.

    Securing your mailbox.

    With the increase in technology, people do not consider how others could steal their identity through the mail. While technology has improved, this is still an easy way for people to get their hands on your information. As such, it is best to have a lock on your mailbox. Locked mailboxes are especially helpful when you live in a rural area and the chances of someone stealing your mail increases because it is easier for it to go unnoticed.

    A mailbox lock is simple; it is a mailbox that is secured with a key. It is the best way to protect your incoming mail from potential thieves. The only downfall of a locked mailbox? The outgoing mail will need to be placed in a federal mailbox or taken to the post office to have it sent. Otherwise, the locked mailbox would need to be unlocked, which would leave your mail unsecured.

    New mailbox lock and key installation in Tampa, FL.

    Purchase a lockable mailbox for your needs.

    Locked mailboxes come in all shapes, sizes, and forms. As such, the prices of a locked mailbox range from around just under $100 or more. It is better to have a secured mailbox on the property, making it more convenient, rather than renting a P.O. Box because this mailbox is owned after one purchase price.

    Installation and replacement services for your mailbox locks.

    Lock replacement services are for when the lock no longer functions, or the key is lost. The locks for the mailbox are replaceable; however, it is better to have a professional locksmith for the job:

    1. Our locksmiths have knowledge on locks and how to not only install them originally, but also how to replace the locks.
    2. If it is not privately owned property, our locksmith has more experience and is responsible for the installation and replacement.
    3. Our locksmith lowers your stress of the installation process by having someone else do it and knowing that it is taken care of by professionals.

    Contact our expert locksmiths for mailbox key replacement, lockouts or rekeying services. Our locksmiths have the skills and abilities to assist any of our customers in securing their mailboxes. Call us ! 

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