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    Emergency situations can easily catch us by surprise. It’s impossible to plan such things as losing or breaking the key, or having the door deadlocked. Also, such mishaps often happen not during regular working hours, but rather in the late evening or at night. Our 24/7 emergency locksmithing services are aimed to provide the solution for cases just like this!


    Locked out

    We will easily let you in and install a new lock, should you happen to be locked out of your home or office location. Of course, we always need to see a proof of ownership, before we begin the work.

    Broken lock

    The lock has just broken, and it’s 2am on the clock? No worries, our call center accepts requests 24/7! So whenever you will be in such a situation, we’ll be ready to help in a timely fashion!

    Lost keys

    If you have lost your keys or simply left them inside and walked out, we can get you back in. Besides a standard procedure of copying new keys from an old, cracked and fixed lock, we can install a new one for you, at once!

    Broken keys

    If you have broken or damaged a key so that it no longer opens the doors, we can easily get you back inside the building and replace the keys and/or the lock.

    Stolen keys

    If you’ve had your keys stolen we can easily get you back inside your home or office and also replace keys / lock as required.

    Robbery repairs

    We will immediately change your locks and give you a new set of keys, if you will suffer from such a mishap as a burglar attack or a robbery.

    If you ever encounter any of these issues, feel free to get in touch with our call center, 24/7 via this number: (226) 314-1682
  • Locked out of your house? Our 24 hour locksmiths are prepared to assist you!There are many reasons why people find themselves saying, “I am locked out of my house.” It’s more common than you think, and is one of our most popular services. Causes can include:


    • Lost, forgotten or stolen keys
    • Jammed door lock
    • Keys locked inside the house
    • Key broken in keyhole
    • Broken hardware


    Whatever the reason, we are here to help, so give us a call and we will have you back inside in no time.
    Home Lockout Services in London Ontario
    We provide emergency lockout services for residential customers in London Ontario, Our rapid response ensures the situation is dealt with efficiently and effectively.

    What To Do When Locked Out Of The House?

    When you are locked out of your house or apartment, the first step is to not panic! It’s a tense moment as you realize that you can’t gain access, but the worst thing you can do is start to break-in yourself.

    We do not recommend that you every try to pick your own lock. Unless you a trained and experienced professional locksmith, then you are fighting a loosing battle. On most occasions, you are likely to do more damage to the locks and the door structure itself. This will end up being much more expensive than the cost of an emergency home lockout service.

    Despite this warning, many people try to solve the problem themselves, either out of desperation, or to try to save money on the cost of a locksmith. Save yourself the trouble and call us, for a fast and valuable solution.
    We provide unbeatable house lockout services in London Ontario. If you find yourself locked out of your apartment, give our expert technicians a call. They will use specialist tools to unlock, replace, rekey and reinstall locks, without any damage to your property.

    The solution needed to get you back in your home varies according to the problem, but whatever it takes we can provide services for exterior & interior doors (like the bedroom), garages, windows and more.

    Our house lockout services may include:
    • Bumping the locks to gain access without damaging them
    • Changing or replacing the locks
    • Duplicating keys to gain entry
    • Rekeying the locks
    • Or simply replacing the hardware

    We always make sure that you have access to your home once again, but that any potential intruders definitely do not! This is why we offer rekeying services, especially in the case that your keys have been lost or stolen.

    Lockout service in London Ontario

    We are available 24/7, so there is never any need to worry. Simply call us, and our locksmiths will be round to your home to assess and solve the problem, usually within 15-30 minutes. We treat lockouts as emergencies, and getting you back inside as a priority.

    We are fully licensed, bonded, and accredited by the BBB. If you are locked out of your house or apartment, contact us today for rapid response and professional services.
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